4nets – What’s in a Name?

We are for networking, with extensive expertise in four areas:

1. Inter2. Local3. Intra4. Extranet


The World Wide Web. We provide websites and Internet marketing for the purpose of helping our clients have a better online presence via effective websites, online reputation management, social media and advertising.


Operated by Rand Baldwin, a technology professional with over 35 years of business experience and several industry-recognized certifications and awards. Started as a programmer at a computer store, expanded to service department manager, then to Network Engineer and owner. Developed the Southern Oregon coast’s leading computer networking business. Installed the first LAN in the local school district, and worked that through over 1300 networked computer systems across twelve campuses.

Rand is a uniquely qualified Internet professional. Years ago when he wasn’t out pushing the boundaries in some sort of extreme sport, chances are he was in his studio programming computers, playing with graphics, recording music, or pulling all of that together into a multimedia production. Circa 1990 this all seemed like an unusual combination of interests for one individual, but as the public Internet started emerging, Rand was perfectly positioned for web development and has been an expert in the field ever since.

Driven by vision, the opportunity to innovate, or the chance to improve something, Rand continues to build a reputation everywhere he goes for making things better. He is a proactive initiator. His “can-do” attitude and sense of humor make him enjoyable to work with. He has an exceptional work ethic, and will always go the extra mile to make sure things are done right.

I’ll give you 100%. The extra 10% is free.