The Monday Morning Church
Out of the Sanctuary and Into the Streets

Unless there is a church on Monday, the church on Sunday makes no difference. Drawing from the book of Ephesians, Jerry clearly lays out how Christians can be the church on Monday--not just in buildings on Sunday, but 24/7 in the clutter, confusion, and hard work of everday living.

Incarnational Christianity doesn't aim to get people to God; incarnational Christianity brings Jesus to them. As Christians we are people of destiny, purposely placed by God deep inside our culture. We are his points of incarnational penetration, his strategic presence in the world.

As God's redeemed people, filled with his Spirit, we have been strategically deployed into a hungry world to bring the presence of Jesus into the very heart of society. Not a list of clever techniques, this book describes a way of seeing, a way of understanding, a way of responding.

It's time we stop doing church and time we start being church--in the world, on the streets, among the people. This book will show you how to be the Monday Morning Church, open and ready for business.

Table of Contents

Part I: Where is God on Monday?
  • The Power of the Church on Monday
  • The Radical Relocation of God
  • A Window in Time

  • Part 2: Who You Are
  • Where Confidence Begins
  • Will the Real You Please Stand Up?
  • Embracing Your New Identify
  • You Are What You Believe

  • Part 3: What You Have
  • Hope, Wealth, and Power
  • Alive and Free
  • Transformed and Courageous
  • Welcome to the Family

  • Part 4: How You Live
  • A Worthy Life
  • The Christian Lifestyle
  • A Life of Love
  • Not in My Neighborhood!
  • God's Plan for You

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