Cancer Letters

Trusting God When You Have Cancer

This heartfelt book was written with friend and colleague, Ron Pinkston, and was released by Harvest House Publishers in May, 2009. Following is the introduction.

I had recovered enough from surgery to begin chemo therapy for colon cancer. The past month had been a surreal nightmare. Then Ron called and told me his doctors had found a tumor and the biopsy had shown it was cancerous. He would begin chemo in two weeks.

I was devastated. Ron and I had been close friends for many years. That he would be going through what I was experiencing was almost overwhelming to me. I decided we should share the road. I told him I would write a letter during each of my chemo treatments. The idea was to walk along the road together and talk…convey my thoughts, emotions, fears…all the stuff that goes into these kinds of things. I hoped it would encourage him. Little did I know the healing it would bring to me as well.

This little book contains excerpts from those letters. They were composed during the first couple of hours of infusion in the “poison cell”. The last three hours get goofy; confused; strange. I tried to time my writing well, but sometimes I may have gone over.

It is our hope that my thoughts and Ron’s responses to them will lighten your journey and give you hope. Perhaps they will encourage you to share your road with someone you love. It is also our desire that these exchanges illustrate the healthy, deep friendship between two men who love God, their families and each other in a world where such relationships are far too rare.

You may order the hardcover book here.