"The Monday Morning Church,
Out of the Sanctuary and Into the Streets"

You are called not so much to do great things, as to be a great person--and that person is Jesus Christ. The church of Jesus Christ is the resident presence of Jesus in the world. That's a foundational principle of incarnational Christianity. Incarnational Christianity doesn't aim to get people to God; it brings Jesus to them. As God's redeemed people, filled with his Spirit, we are people of destiny, purposely placed by God deep inside our culture. We have been strategically deployed into a hungry world to bring the presence of Jesus into the very heart of society. We are his points of incarnational penetration, his strategic presence in the world. This book challenges traditional thinking of how ministry occurs and what the church should be while presenting an exciting new paradigm of living for Christ. It describes a way of seeing, a way of understanding, a way of responding. For more from Jerry about this book, click here.

by Jerry Cook, Howard Publishing, 2006

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