"The Holy Spirit, So...What's the Big Deal?"


I had been a pastor for fifty years when a conversation with a young pastor commanded my attention. The young man struggled with the concept of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. My first reaction was anger at this pastor's wondering of what the "big deal" was. But soon I realized that this was an important conversation and concept that many Christians question, having seen "distasteful" manifestations of fanaticism in the name of the Holy Spirit.

In this book, I provide practical, Biblical answers to these questions and others, sharing my experience with honesty and hope, asserting that it is possible to be a sane, intellectually honest, Biblical, and dynamic Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit, speaks in tongues and effectually ministers the full life of Christ.

Don't wonder what Jesus would do, but ask the radical question of who He would be in our everyday lives. What does a practical, post-modern Spirit-filled Christian look like? How is Jesus made visible in everyday living, and why is it important? Who is the church, really?

By Jerry Cook via CreateSpace Indepedent Publishing Platform, 2013

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