"Love and Its Counterfeits"

It looks like love. It feels like love. But is it love? Can you spot a counterfeit? This book examines eight destructive behavior patterns and the beliefs they are rooted in. Perhaps you will see yourself in the Rescuer, the Victim, the Matriarch, the Romantic, the Angel, the Addict, or the Obsessed, the Darling. Confront the misconceptions and self-delusions that keep you from mature love. Love and Its Counterfeits does not focus on a painful past, but shows Biblical guidance into a happier future. Learn to recognize the counterfeits of love and move beyond them into satisfying, healthy relationships. "In no area of our lives are the emotional mine fields more surprising than the territory of love. I wrote this book out of a deep desire to ease the pain of women suffering from what they believe to be the results lf love." -Barbara Cook

by Barbara Cook, Aglow International, 1989

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