"Choosing to Love: The Odyssey of a Relationship"

Jerry Cook wrote the well-known book, "Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness," used by pastors and churches around the world. Simply being in an environment of love, acceptance and forgiveness is a healing experience. In a marriage, this environment produces a joyous partnership, relaxed comfort, and romantic love that survives the crises of life. Even hardships serve only to build stronger bonds.

Contrary to popular notions, a romantic marriage does not come from “hard work” – not even from “communication.” Nervous tension is the enemy of romance, as is criticism (often the result of “communication.”) We fall in love – and stay in love – in an environment of relaxed enjoyment. This environment becomes a place of security, an island of joy. In this relationship, you feel:

  • Treasured rather than tolerated
  • Respected rather than resented
  • Loved rather than blamed
  • Understood rather than analyzed
  • Gratitude rather than regret
  • Forgiveness rather than bitterness
  • Comforted rather than categorized
  • Accepted rather than accused

  • If there is “hard work” involved, it is on God’s part. He seeks to break through our assumptions, fears, and habits and answer our prayers for wisdom, which leads to happiness.

    This very personal book shares a couple’s struggles to understand, not only each other, but also God’s ideas for their marriage. His answers become the foundation for a long and deeply satisfying life together.

    Includes Bible verses for further study and discussion questions after each Chapter, making it a complete resource for small group study.

    by Jerry & Barbara Cook, Regal Books, 1982, re-released in 2014

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